Steering Committee of Fukuoka ACAP 2016 ~第10回ACAP2016福岡大会~

Program 3/5(Sat)●Opening Ceremony 10:00~10:50 with simultaneous translation(Japanese, English, Korean) ●Keynote Speeches 11:00~12:00 with simultaneous translation(Japanese, English, Korean)

○Alex Ross, Director of WHO Centre for Health Development: The Global Strategies for Extension of Healthy Life Expectancy
○Takuya Nakamura (Executive Director, Elderly Affairs Department Fukuoka City): The Strategic of Fukuoka City toward 2035
○Barbara Ann Yamashita (Assistant Director, the Department of Community Services): Health Aging and Age-friendly City in Honolulu.
○Representative of Busan Metropolitan City: Age-friendly City in Busan-city(be in terms)

●SymposiumⅠ 13:00~14:30

“Designing ICT for an Aged Society”

○Dr. DongHee Han (Research Institute of Science for the Better Living of the Eldery, Korea):
○NTT DATA Corporation: (be in terms)
○Hitachi, Ltd: (be in terms)
○Carna Health Support Corporation: (be in terms)
※Coordinator: Dr. Cullen Hayashida (Senior Advisor, St. Francis Health Care System of Hawaii)
※Coordinator: Cullen Hayashida (Senior Advisor, St. Francis HealthCare System of Hawaii)

●SymposiumⅡ 15:00~16:30

“Designing Long-term Care forand Aged Society”

○Dr. Tri Budi W. Rahardjo (University of Indonesia)
○Dr. Reiko Ogawa (University of Kyushu)
○Dr. Sunwoo Duk (Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs)
※Coordinator: Dr. Takeo Ogawa (Emeritus Professor, Kyushu University)

3/6(Sun)●Symposium Ⅲ 09:30~11:00

“Designing Communities for an Aged Society”

○Dr. Leng Leng Thang (National University of Singapore)
○Dr. Christy Nishita (Acting Director, University of Hawaii Center on Aging)
○Prof. Teresa Tsien (Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
○Dr. Hiroko Akiyama (Institute of Gerontology, University of Tokyo)
※Coordinator: Dr. Thelma Kay (Former staff of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)

“Japan Vision: HEALTH CARE 2035” symposium 13:00~15:00 with simultaneous translation(Japanese, English) organized by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Please refer to the website for more details. ●World Café 15:30~17:30 Language:English only

○Theme1 Perspectives of Ubiquitous Services
○Theme2 Perspectives of International Long-term Care Training Center
○Theme3 Perspectives of Problem-solution Center for Aged Societies

●Wrap Up Session 18:00~18:30  Language:English only

○Commendation of Poster Award of Fukuoka ACAP 2016.
○Declaration of Fukuoka ACAP 2016
※ Coordinator: Dr. Kathryn Braun (President, ACAP)

3/5(Sat)・3/6(Sun)●Poster Session 10:00~17:00(3/5) 10:00~13:00(3/6)

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